About Aaron

Mr. Mitchell is a Senior Project Coordinator for CTEH Government Services, LLC. His broad management experience, knowledge of construction processes and estimating, and a strong technology background make him uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between field workers, software developers, and all levels of management. As an Air Force Officer, Mr. Mitchell managed projects, programs, and people and was responsible for communicating statuses and directing action between higher leadership and the personnel completing highly technical tasks. He has also acquired extensive experience in the construction industry, including estimating, project management, contract review and approval, warranty response, and management of the sustainability and safety programs.  For CTEH, Mr. Mitchell was instrumental in the successful response to Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and he is currently serving a critical role on multiple government projects in Arkansas and Puerto Rico. He is a proven leader and problem solver, and he has displayed high adaptability and dependability under diverse and dynamic circumstances.

Key areas of expertise include problem solving, management of people, programs, processes, and projects, and construction estimating.