About Chris

Chris Ruby is a senior vice president in the finance division at CTEH. Ruby is a strategic leader with a rich background in financial management, facilities maintenance, and strategic planning. Graduating with a BSBA in Accounting from the University of Arkansas, he has consistently demonstrated excellence in budgeting, accounting, and developing technologies and processes that drive organizational growth. At Acxiom Corporation, he managed a sprawling campus and a significant budget, achieving substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies across multiple locations worldwide. His experience at CTEH, Acxiom, and roles in other major companies showcase his ability to oversee complex financial operations, regulatory compliance, and asset management. Ruby is not only a financial strategist but also a people-focused leader, committed to cultivating winning cultures and advancing organizations as industry leaders. His proficiency in a wide range of software and systems, alongside his leadership in emergency preparedness and continuity planning, underscores his comprehensive skill set.