About Dana

Dana Currie is a Project Toxicologist in the Health Sciences Department at CTEH with experience in aquatic and environmental toxicology, arsenic and other metals, developmental toxicity, and laboratory quality control. As a toxicologist for CTEH, Dr. Currie has experience in environmental an inhalation toxicology, emergency response toxicology, and worker and community risk communication. Dr. Currie contributes to a wide variety of projects, including support for toxic tort litigation, evaluating the relationship between chemical exposure and disease, human health risk assessment, and the development of emergency response guides.

Dr. Currieā€™s doctoral dissertation focused on the long-term effects of developmental arsenic exposures on muscle growth and development using Fundulus heteroclitus as a model organism. While at Clemson University, she also instructed a Biological Chemistry Techniques laboratory course as a graduate teaching assistant, which involved teaching techniques for analyzing proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids and their associated biochemical applications.