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A Systematic Review of Epidemiologic Literature Assessing Health Outcomes in Populations Living near Oil and Natural Gas Operations: Study Quality and Future Recommendations

Author from CTEH: Tami McMullin, PhD

All Authors: Bamber, Alison M.; Hasanali, Stephanie H.; Nair, Anil S.; Watkins, Sharon M.; Vigil, Daniel I.; Van Dyke, Michael; McMullin, Tami S.; Richardson Kristy;

Publication Year: 2019

Journal: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Pediatric Elective Diagnostic Procedure Complications: A Multicenter Cohort Analysis

Author from CTEH: Mikaela Miller, MS, MPH

All Authors: Attard TM, Miller M, Lee B, Champion TW, Thomson M

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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Can elevated lactate and LDH produce a false positive enzymatic ethanol result in live patients presenting to the emergency department?

Author from CTEH: Michael Holland, MD, FEAPCCT, FAACT, FACOEM, FACMT, FACEP

All Authors: Nicholas Nacca, Michael J Hodgman, Kirselle Lao, Matthew Elkins, Michael G Holland

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: PubMed

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Application of quantitative dose response data in risk assessment and the incorporation of high throughput data, pp 559-572

Author from CTEH: John Lipscomb, PhD, DABT, FATS

All Authors: Lipscomb JC

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: Handbook of Developmental Neurotoxicology

Application of a novel social choice paradigm to assess effects of prenatal endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure in rats (Rattus norvegicus)

Author from CTEH: Michael Reilly, PhD

All Authors: Reilly MP, Weeks CD, Crews D, Gore AC

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: Journal of Comparative Psychology

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Cannabis use during the perinatal period in a state with legalized recreational and medical marijuana: the association between maternal characteristics, breastfeeding patterns, and neonatal outcomes.

Author from CTEH: Katelyn Hall, PhD, MPH

All Authors: Crume TL, Juhl AL, Brooks-Russell A, Hall KE, Wymore E, Borgelt LM

Publication Year: 2018

Reported Marijuana Use by Industry and Occupation — Colorado, 2014–2015.

Author from CTEH: Katelyn Hall, PhD, MPH

All Authors: Smith R, Hall KE, Etkind P, Van Dyke M

Publication Year: 2018

Mental Health-Related Emergency Department Visits Associated with Cannabis in Colorado.

All Authors: Hall KE, Monte AA, Chang T

Publication Year: 2018

Marijuana Use and Related Health Care Encounters in Colorado Before and After Legalization.

Author from CTEH: Katelyn Hall, PhD, MPH

All Authors: Vigil DI, Van Dyke M, Hall KE, Contreras AE, Ghosh TS, Wolk L

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: Int J Ment Health Addiction

Valproic acid disrupts the oscillatory expression of core circadian rhythm transcription factors

Author from CTEH: Scott Malm, PhD

All Authors: Chanel A. Griggs, Scott W. Malm, Rosa Jaime-Frias, Catharine L. Smith

Publication Year: 2018

Journal: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology

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Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators: Cannabinoid Receptor Inverse Agonists with Differential CB1 and CB2 Selectivity.

Author from CTEH: Max Ford, PhD

All Authors: Franks LN, Ford BM, Fujiwara T, Zhao H, and Prather PL

Publication Year: 2018