Epidemiology is a cornerstone of community health.

Epidemiology can identify risk factors for disease, shape preventative efforts, and inform policies for healthier populations. Preventing, detecting, and containing disease outbreaks is crucial, now more than ever.  At CTEH, we marry epidemiology expertise with industrial hygienists, toxicologists, computer scientists and state-of-the-art data tools to support your population health needs.  Our epidemiologists regularly practice applied public health in the field and have practical, real-world solutions to emerging health issues. The CTEH team actively monitors public health regulations and can serve as a liaison between your organization and government agencies.

Our team has experience with:

  • 2019 SARS-COV-2
  • 2016 Avian Influenza (Avian Flu)
  • 2016 Zika Virus
  • 2015 Avian Flu
  • 2014 Ebola
  • 2010-current Legionella
  • 2009-2010 H1N1 (Avian/Swine) Flu
  • 2006 H5N1 Avian Flu

We offer a variety of in-house services, including:

  • Epidemiology Emergency Response
  • Field Epidemiology
  • Pandemic Planning and Response
  • Publications and manuscript preparation and publication 
  • Expert report writing 
  • IRB submission 
  • Methodology review and design 
  • Statistical sampling and validation 
  • Disease surveillance 
  • Survey design and administration 
  • Critical Evaluations of Epidemiologic Studies 
  • Causal Analysis and Inference
  • Data Management and biostatistical Analyses 
  • Disease Cluster and Outbreak Investigations 
  • Litigation Support 

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