Industrial Hygiene

Comprehensive Services that Help Reduce Risk and Protect Workers and the Community

What is industrial hygiene?

An effective industrial hygiene program serves to anticipate, recognize, and evaluate threats to worker health, and then supports control and/or prevention of these hazards. A good program requires certified industrial hygienists. CTEH hygienists are worker health and safety problem-solvers. The protection of workers from occupational health and safety hazards is of utmost importance to CTEH and our clients. In addition, it is crucial to maintaining employee morale, an organization’s reputation, and minimizing liability and operational costs. Our solutions are developed by certified industrial hygienists (CIHs), certified safety professionals (CSPs), and supported by field industrial hygiene technicians. Get in touch with our experts today.

CTEH industrial hygiene staff are available to quickly and competently assess worker protection needs. Our IH surveys and/or assessments include recognition of hazards, quantification of identified exposures, and development of controls to reduce or eliminate hazardous exposures. 

Our powerful, in-house industrial hygiene data visualization solutions empower you to identify key risks and make rapid critical decisions. 

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