Delivering Expert Insights and Proven Solutions

The CTEH team combines boots-on-the-ground experience with a broad range of toxicological expertise. Across diverse toxicology areas, from regulatory consulting to human exposure assessment, our Ph.D. toxicologists bring the knowledge and leadership to handle virtually any toxicology need.

CTEH human health experts have a broad base of knowledge and experience including years of public communication experience regarding chemical exposure and potential health effects, on-site health issue evaluation, and crop and animal health concerns. Speak with one of our toxicologists today.

Our roles as primary toxicology response experts include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying human health hazards
  • Determining appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Deriving and implementing site-specific health-based action levels for workers and the public
  • Identifying physical/chemical properties of a chemical and how these affect fate and transport in the environment
  • Identifying combustion products
  • Identifying contaminants that may be present in commercial products
  • Evaluating dose-response data regarding toxicity
  • Communicating complex health and safety issues to response stakeholders including regulators and the public
  • Evaluating environmental data to determine potential health risks

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