Toxicology Expert Services

Expert Opinions and Insight When They are Needed Most

The toxicologists at CTEH merge classical Ph.D. training in toxicology and certifications in related fields such as industrial hygiene with practical, real-world experience in public and worker health incidents. Our toxicologists have responded to many of the largest environmental chemical emergencies in the last two decades, gaining expertise in chemical sampling, contamination documentation, environmental data analysis, and emergency response guidelines. This experience, coupled with their education and training in toxicology, makes CTEH’s toxicologists experts in the protection of human health and the understanding of disease causation. CTEH toxicologists have training in crisis communication and have the ability to effectively communicate complex scientific problems to workers and the general public, to the regulatory community, and to others.

Our experience spans a broad range of complexity, from single worker exposure assessments to large-scale environmental contamination evaluations. Because needs for expertise can sometimes be immediate and/or require long-term involvement, CTEH’s experts are available 24/7/365 for rapid deployment throughout North America and to many international locations.

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