CTEH is widely known and respected for our ability to manage and effectively communicate complex technical information. This caliber of scientific excellence is due to team members like Chris Kuhlman, PhD, DABT, CIH, whose breadth of field experience and credentials are unmatched within the industry.  

For nearly a decade, Dr. Kuhlman has served on the front lines of hazardous incidents and emergency responses. Now, he’s lending his expertise as our Emergency Preparedness and Response Toxicology Program (EPRT) director. In the Q&A below, Dr. Kuhlman shares more about EPRT and his new role. 

First, can you provide a brief overview of EPRT?  

One of EPRT’s primary aims is to develop the next generation of CTEH toxicologists. I often say that toxicology is the bread and butter of our company. Delivering high-quality technical expertise is a cornerstone our company was founded on, and it’s what our partners count on us for in their times of need. As our company grows, EPRT will ensure that our toxicologists have the necessary support to continue to serve as the go-to technical leads on emergency responses. 

What will your role as EPRT director entail?  

I will lead the technical direction of our emergency response efforts and oversee our toxicologists’ day-to-day operations. My responsibilities include coordinating training opportunities, hands-on exercises, and drills to strengthen our team’s skill sets and enhance our response readiness. Whether encouraging professional certifications or reviewing their plans for field implementation, I will also be responsible for helping our responding toxicologists stay educated, engaged, and excited to support our partners. 

How will your experience as a project and senior toxicologist benefit you?  

While at CTEH, I’ve been the technical lead on complex and high-profile emergency responses, from facility fires to oil spills, and been the final reviewer of our team’s scientific reports. Through these experiences and my colleagues’ mentorship, I understand and am committed to helping our toxicologists uphold CTEH’s tradition of bringing the highest-quality science to every project we undertake. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kuhlman on his new role as EPRT director! For more information about our toxicological expertise, click here.