After nearly 15 years with the company, JT Wilson, CHMM has served in many capacities, from newly-graduated environmental scientist to senior project manager. And now, he will lead the Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP) department as its director. As the director for TERP within the Emergency Response division, he will coordinate CTEH resources from individual responders to multi-state responses with over 100 personnel. 

Learn JT’s plans for the department and excitement for the future in our Q&A:

How are you planning to approach this new role?

I plan to focus on employee retention and mentorship. My first five years with CTEH were the most formative because of the incredible mentors that I had by my side in the field. You learn through first-hand experiences in this line of work, so having a mentor to walk that journey with you is so important. I hope to be that for my team as we usher in the new generation of responders. Passion is born in those early years and fostered by good leaders – I want to provide direction and mentorship to ensure the next generation thrives and is driven to maintain CTEH’s stellar reputation. 

What excites you the most about your new role?

Mentoring is a passion of mine, so I am thrilled to lead and mentor a team! But I am also excited that this new role will allow me to build relationships with industry partners and focus more on business development for CTEH. 

What does CTEH mean to you?

CTEH has an incredible reputation in our industry. You can’t go to a site without someone telling a story about working with one of our founders. I’m honored to join the leadership team and hopefully etch my name into CTEH’s storied 25-year history and be a part of building its prosperous future. 

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