As part of an ongoing series, we wanted to let you inside the lives of CTEH professionals to see what it is they value about their jobs with this company. These posts will be edited interviews with CTEH staffers who answered a few questions about what’s good at CTEH and why they like working with us.

Our first interview is with B.J. Fogleman, an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager.

Asked about a time when he felt proud to be involved with CTEH, Mr. Fogleman remembered a time of inclement winter weather in Arkansas: “CTEH made the decision to donate all of the food planned for our Christmas party to local organization in need,” he said. This meant a lot to the scientist, as he had a history of volunteering with his communities. “This move made me very proud of the company,” he said. He valued that CTEH focused its efforts locally. “Our primary responsibility is to the community in which we live,” he said.

Next time, we’ll talk to Mr. Fogleman about his job and CTEH’s commitment to level of professionalism they bring to every community during a response.