Colleagues have called Pablo Sanchez Soria, PhD, CIH, and Shawn Wnek, PhD, DABT, “true CTEH success stories” with an unmatched “mastery of expert consulting, project management, and technical direction.” Since joining CTEH more than 10 years ago, they’ve served at the forefront of what senior leadership has characterized as some of our company’s “most complex emergency responses.” Dr. Sanchez Soria and Dr. Wnek have met each new challenge head-on, successfully delivering innovative solutions to serve our partners in their times of need. And we have no doubt they will do the same as directors of health sciences. We recently visited with Dr. Sanchez Soria and Dr. Wnek about their promotions. Read our Q&A:

Q: What do your new duties entail, and what are you most looking forward to as director?

Sanchez Soria: As a senior toxicologist, I’ve developed versatile expertise, the ability to get up to speed quickly, and a unique understanding of how our practice areas complement each other. When a multi-faceted project arises, I can swiftly identify what skill sets are needed so we can allocate our internal resources accordingly. I look forward to leaning into these strengths to foster greater collaboration at CTEH and Montrose and find new ways to support clients.

Wnek: As Pablo mentioned, collaboration will be crucial to our new roles, including among current and future team members. CTEH is known for its scientific excellence. I was fortunate to learn from our founders and our senior leadership. As a director, I will focus on doing the same for my teammates to continue building a strong core of scientists with diverse backgrounds equipped to address emerging issues.

Q: How have your previous positions within CTEH prepared you for this expanded role?

Sanchez Soria: Since starting as a toxicologist before becoming a project and now senior toxicologist, I’ve worked alongside and learned from our principal consultants. As I’ve witnessed firsthand, CTEH welcomes—and embraces—change. As a director, I will harness this forward-thinking mindset to grow my practice while helping my teammates identify, pursue, and secure new opportunities to help our partners.

Wnek: I’ve held various positions at CTEH, from toxicologist to project technical director and regional manager within Health Sciences. As director, I plan to leverage this ever-growing toolkit of experiences and lessons learned from my mentors at CTEH to help prepare the next generation of leaders.

Q: You’ve both developed a deep breadth of experience. What do you consider your primary specialties?

Sanchez Soria: While I like to refer to myself as a generalist, I focus heavily on risk and exposure assessments in indoor and outdoor environments and residential and occupational settings. I also specialize in toxicity evaluations, emergency response toxicology, and complex industrial hygiene challenges. My PhD and CIH are complementary, allowing me to take a more strategic approach and provide additional value to clients on a broad range of projects.

Wnek: I have significant experience in human health and environmental risk assessments, exposure science, and providing toxicological and industrial hygiene support on hazardous materials incidents. I also have a deep understanding of the mechanisms and toxicities of a wide range of compounds, such as volatile organic compounds, constituents associated with oilfield exploration and production, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides and herbicides, irritant gases, fire smoke, particulate matter, solvents, and metals.

Q: What do you believe sets CTEH apart, including its Health Sciences services?

Sanchez Soria: CTEH has unlimited potential. If a challenge falls outside the scope of my focus area, there’s a high probability that I can find a teammate at CTEH or Montrose who can help. Our team has an unparalleled spectrum of scientific expertise, which allows us to constantly think outside the box to meet our clients’ needs.

Wnek: CTEH’s emergency response background allows us to tackle emerging issues with efficiency and urgency. We are willing and able to pivot and harness our collective expertise to deliver solutions based on sound science.

As Paul Nony, PhD, CIH, CSP, senior vice president and principal toxicologist, recently said, “CTEH’s future is in good hands with Pablo and Shawn in these leadership positions.” Congratulations, Dr. Sanchez Soria and Dr. Wnek!