Jacob Bird, CTEH operations support manager, is participating in our ongoing series on why employees like what they do and value the organization.

“CTEH has allowed me to grow quickly,” said Bird, reflecting on the company’s contribution to his career. “I have learned invaluable management skills that have helped me progress from an entry-level position to a manager in just a couple of years.”

More than what the company has contributed to his career, Bird is proud of what CTEH does for communities. The rapidly responding company provides clients with detailed information during times of great need through unique online project dashboards and near real-time reporting. This information allows clients, stakeholders, and CTEH scientists to monitoring current readings in an effort to help quickly bring the situation to a close. If any community interruption has occurred, stakeholders can quickly and knowledgeably provide status updates to the community.

“This assists them with making informed decisions in order to protect the environment, the community and themselves,” he said.

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