CTEH is a team of innovators committed to scientific quality and helping others in their times of need. Every year, we honor the individuals who exemplify the values our company was built on nearly 30 years ago. We’re proud to announce the 2023 Founder Awards recipients below:

  • Innovative Services Award: Tami McMullin, PhD has helped cement our company as a leader in innovative solutions with her efforts to grow our applied public health practice. Nearly every day, she combines her foresight and expertise to guide partners through unprecedented challenges and set new industry standards. As one of her peers recently noted, she is known for “pioneering strategies and tactics in unique markets to help our clients navigate never-been-seen issues.”
  • Quality Focus Award: Anyone who has worked with Eric Callahan, GISP, knows his data science, GIS, and software development skills are unmatched. He’s consistently focused on delivering high-quality, error-free solutions, whether deploying comprehensive software or data consolidation tools. While regularly lauded for his dedication to enhancing our collective expertise, colleagues often remark that he “humbly seeks no recognition” for his pivotal role in CTEH’s success.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award: Jamie Beck, is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights to help nurture the personal and professional growth of those around him. One of his peers shared how Jamie often counsels his teammates on “different ways to communicate” so they can become more effective managers. He knows how to identify and cultivate others’ potential, which yields long-term benefits for his mentees and our entire company.
  • Scientific Distinction: Jason Callahan, CIH, CSP, is often recognized by his colleagues for his exceptional contributions to our body of work. While serving on more than 100 responses and projects, he has consistently advanced the principles of “sound science.” Through his roles as data manager, industrial hygienist, and now as a health scientist, he has been resolute in helping further our company’s reputation for delivering innovative solutions and contributing to the broader scientific community.

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Founder Awards winners!

About the Authors

Tami McMullin, PhD
Director, Applied Public Health

Dr. Tami McMullin has over 13 years of multi-disciplinary experience providing scientific and risk communication solutions to complex health risk challenges in the private and public sectors. Her areas of expertise include public health and regulatory toxicology and risk assessment, product safety assessments, pharmacokinetics, in silico toxicology, neuroendocrine toxicology, biomonitoring, and environmental risk assessment. For...

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Eric Callahan, GISP
Senior Consultant, Data Management

Eric Callahan is an environmental data management professional with 10 years of experience responding to incidents involving hazardous release of chemicals. He has been responsible for providing GIS, laboratory quality control, environmental sampling quality control, data analysis, and compliance consulting services. He has extensive experience working with stakeholders, including federal and state regulators, within the...

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Jason Callahan, MSc, CIH, CSP
Senior Health Scientist

Jason Callahan is a senior health scientist with professional experience in environmental emergency response, litigation support, industrial hygiene, and response management on over 100 responses and projects. He has experience serving a variety of industries including healthcare, transportation, petroleum, industrial facilities, and working within the National Incident Management System (NIMS) alongside federal, state, and local...

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Jamie Beck
Director, Response Management

Mr. Beck is an experienced project manager within the CTEH Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP) team. He has had direct involvement in crude oil spills, releases in chemical manufacturing facilities, chemical plant fires, and barge collisions. As a project manager, Mr. Beck coordinated CTEH resources on a scale ranging from individual responder to multi-state response...

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