Mobile Command Center

Onsite Resources and Expertise in the Most Crucial Moments

CTEH utilizes mobile command centers for use during emergency responses. Our mobile command centers were each custom designed to meet the dynamic project needs of an incident. Each features a conference room and ample work space to use laptop computers, calibrate and maintain instruments, and work on project specific tasks.

Flat panel monitors in each unit display current meteorological conditions, air dispersion modeling results, real-time air monitoring data, as well as satellite television. All of the mobile command centers are equipped with a satellite telephone, cell phone booster (for rural areas), internet service, and a webcam to provide streaming video as well still photos of the job site. These tools all work in tandem to provide as many resources as possible in locations where they would normally not be present. Our commitment to emergency preparedness includes planning for moments when off-site command centers just won't do.

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