Air Monitoring

Monitoring and Sampling Air to Protect Your Personnel

CTEH helps protect your team through air monitoring and sampling surveys, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and approved methodologies. We approach all emergency responses with one goal in mind: to conduct our science with the utmost attention to safety, sound methodologies, quality environmental sampling and analysis, and defensible data collection. CTEH provides:

  • Immediate coordination with appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Installation of exposure monitoring for the community and workers
  • Establishing action levels to support work-zone delineation 
  • Participation in community meetings and crisis communications
  • Evaluation and interpretation of data for potential human health concerns

The CTEH emergency response atmospheric dispersion modeling team assists Incident Command with site safety, situational awareness, and, if any, community exposure evolutions. We construct information to help identify any impact and movement of chemical releases and assist in determining:

  • Areas of impact to community, site, or facility
  • Safe work zone delineations
  • Real-time plume variation from changing meteorological conditions

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