Building and Mitigation Consulting Services

Large Claim Oversight

We understand that a disaster may leave you with millions of dollars of insurance claims to sort through and little time to manage them. When a large claim requires oversight, let CTEH serve as your expert building/mitigation consultants, handling all project needs.

We will help start the process correctly, resulting in lower cost, reduced liability, smoother procedures, and better outcomes for all stakeholders. We have a team of passionate and skilled building experts who specialize in mitigation. They have what it takes to establish the right protocols and scope of work for your clients’ needs, and they will help make sure your process is functional from the get-go.

Full Range of Mitigation Consulting Services

We right-size our services to your specific incident and business. Our in-house team prepares independent repair estimates based on an unbiased damage assessment, and our consultants are fluent in industry-standard estimation software. Our services include:

  • Establishing expectations
  • Guiding project management
  • Providing on-site clerks
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Reviewing invoices
  • Smoothing claim procedures
  • Verifying costs, budgets, and schedules
  • Providing expert opinion following appraisals
  • Supplemental cost estimation (HVAC, mechanical, electrical, etc.)
  • Comprehensive invoice auditing
  • Building consulting (on-site damage assessment following disaster event)

If you need mitigation consulting now, contact us for more information.

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