Safety Oversight

Expert Safety Practices, Procedures, and Reporting During Crisis

CTEH provides rapid deployment of safety staff to emergency sites who can immediately evaluate conditions for responders, affected community, and recovery crews. Our team can quickly provide Safety Officers (SOFR) to perform within Incident Command or integrate within a NIMS structure to support the safety officers with reliable safety oversight services.

We actively evaluate the conditions in which response work to help support the ongoing safety of personnel in the field.  CTEH also participates in the implementation of safety and health policies, practices, and procedures established by United Command or other regulatory authorities like OSHA. When workers are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), CTEH can monitor current working conditions and provide general observations to help prevent injuries and maintain a healthy worksite.

Performing perimeter monitoring is crucial to determining chemicals of concern, monitoring HAZMAT teams in the hot zone, and profiling the release movement from the site into surrounding communities. CTEH provides a combination of both personnel and area air monitoring, and generally includes the following activities:

  • Determining an “exclusion-zone” around the incident with personnel and instrumentation.
  • Providing an early warning sign as conditions change and assist in directional determination of any chemicals of concern.
  • Identifying action levels to serve as a measurement to changing site conditions.
  • Documenting site and work zone conditions for the duration of the monitoring activity.

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