Rapid Shoreline Assessment

A Trusted Assessment Team That Aids Successful Cleanups

Following an oil spill, we provide a trained team of scientists and data managers to implement a systematic approach for surveying affected shorelines.

The CTEH data management team has developed a mobile-friendly app that communicates field conditions in near real-time. Our Rapid Shoreline Assessment tool is used to support decision making for shoreline cleanup and provides a collaborative, consensus-building approach to data collection. Remote Assessment teams provide geo-referenced site conditions with photographs and can identify sensitive resources and support operations by evaluating and prioritizing cleanup efforts.

During a response, our assessment teams perform the following:

  • Develop cleanup guidelines and endpoints in partnership with regulatory agencies
  • Segment the shoreline
  • Conduct reconnaissance surveys
  • Evaluate and report oil type and condition
  • Identify environmentally and culturally sensitive resources and make by GPS upon discovery
  • Evaluate potential for human exposure
  • Conduct post-cleanup inspections and final evaluations for site closeout

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