Industrial Hygiene Data Visualization

Making Industrial Hygiene Data Engaging, Accessible, and Actionable

Modern industrial hygiene data sets are stored in various systems, from MS Excel spreadsheets to large enterprise databases of varying complexity. Industrial hygiene programs generate large amounts of data from years of historical record collection or as a result of a large multi-facility industrial hygiene programs. Data systems are critical to maintaining a historical record and as they grow in size and complexity, it becomes more challenging and time consuming to analyze and communicate monitoring results effectively.

CTEH data scientists create simple dashboard systems tailored to client needs using customized visualizations. Industrial hygienists, senior management, and front line supervision can all interact in real-time with the industrial hygiene data in different ways without changing the underlying information. This distinction allows for collaborative planning and budgeting, querying of a location or hazard, or evaluating the performance of the industrial hygiene program. CTEH can design simple to use and compelling interactive visualizations around the needs of a program, audience, or even a particular mission or initiative.

CTEH data visualizations:

  • Interface with spreadsheets, text files, enterprise databases, and more
  • Visualize data around specific needs and goals
  • Provide an intuitive interactive user interface
  • Track compliance across facilities, business units, and geographic regions
  • Communicate visually and in real-time to senior management
  • Allow the user to quickly sort, filter, and view years of data
  • Are accessible on multiple devices using a web browser

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