A High-Caliber Team Delivering Data-Driven Results

CTEH’s experienced staff includes respected industry leaders, risk consultants, training experts, and data managers that can deliver the best solution for your organization – before, during or after any potential liability.

Our data management team uniquely integrates user-friendly tools to support effective and efficient compliance and risk mitigation.

We work to provide data that is clearly communicated, actionable, and accurate. From our experience designing data collection systems to our certified visualization specialists, our turnkey data solutions provide everything you need for project success. Our experience includes:

  • Automated Personnel Monitoring Data Capture
  • Biological Sample Collection Workflow
  • Contaminated Document Recovery
  • Interactive Litigation Exhibits
  • Medical Questionnaire Content Management Systems
  • Paper to Electronic Form Conversion for Mobile Data Collection
  • Planning Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring Data Capture & Analysis
  • 3D Surface Modeling

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