Using Information and Technology to Make Better Decisions

Our ability to execute our services at a high level relies heavily on innovative technology and adept data management. Nearly all questions can be answered using data. CTEH provides data management, software development, and other technology solutions. Our technology group combines a wide range of project experience with disciplines of data management, software development, and rapid response to deliver value to our clients. In addition, we maintain a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform data into meaningful information used to enable more effective operational insights.

We work to provide data that is clearly communicated, actionable, and accurate. From our experience designing data collection systems to our certified visualization specialists, our turn-key data solutions provide everything you need for project success. Need data-driven solutions for your business? Click here to speak with an expert.

CTEH’s experience includes:

  • Automated Personnel Monitoring Data Capture
  • Biological Sample Collection Workflow
  • Contaminated Document Recovery
  • Interactive Litigation Exhibits
  • Medical Questionnaire Content Management Systems
  • Paper to Electronic Form Conversion for Mobile Data Collection
  • Planning Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring Data Capture and Analysis
  • 3D Surface Modeling

Assets Tracked

Locations Mapped

Successful UAV Missions

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