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CTEH’s approach to client technology is unique. Utilizing the base framework of our Carbon software system, we are able to spin up custom uses of the software depending on actual client needs.

From the same base, we have built several process management and verification solutions for our clients based on complex needs.

Construction Management - CarbonCM

The CTEH software solution you are most likely to identify in our materials is CarbonCM. Following the series of hurricanes in the 2016 - 2018 seasons, CarbonCM was utilized across several states to manage recovery efforts from major rebuild and rehabilitation programs. Our most exciting achievement was becoming the official management software for the Texas General Land Office’s FEMA-funded Direct Assistance Limited Home Repair (DAHLR) program. Our flexibility allowed us to manage integrations with the GLO’s damage assessment contractor and the State’s invoicing system both, meaning the GLO staff, supplemented by CTEH employees, were able to manage the full lifecycle of a survivor’s housing journey from application to contractor payment to warranty repairs.

Covid-19 Test Management - CarbonTM

In the early days of the pandemic, a number of our customers were scrambling to identify and adopt methods of guest registration, employee wellness & temperature checks, and, eventually, test verification and management. Our CTEH development team and data managers were quickly able to build, from the ground up, a wellness process and test management database. Personnel and guests were able to be registered, sent daily wellness reports, track temperature checks and wellness verifications at the door/gate, integrate or accept manual upload of Covid tests, and track vaccination status. All of the information was captured, quality control verified, and reported to qualified individuals in digestible formats, allowing for quality decision making on behalf of the company. During the pandemic, CTEH built and managed versions of this software for dozens of companies, hundreds of live events and productions, and tens of thousands of workers.

Vaccine Verification - CarbonVIS

Once the vaccine rollout began, many companies continued to wrestle with the logistics and health data privacy implications of receiving, reviewing, and storing proof of testing and vaccination as they returned to work or implemented this strategy to safely resume live event attendance. CTEH was able to develop a sister system to Test Management devoted to this process. Vaccine cards and tests were received and validated by HIPAA and epidemiologist-trained individuals to confirm if attendees or workers met vaccination and/or testing requirements outlined by public health agencies and event venues. The verification process provided attendees peace of mind with this simple front-facing system where at the end they were able to show a green screen of approval to gate checkers for entry.

Resource Tracking & Contractor Oversight - CarbonRP

As the avian influenza epidemic ravaged poultry producers in the American midwest in 2015 and 2016, CTEH was tasked with tracking and validating equipment, personnel, capacity, and process management, among other tasks by USDA APHIS, which had ultimate responsibility over the multi-state response. Our team built out a multi-module tracking and badging system in which every piece of equipment and personnel working on the farms were registered and checked on-site multiple times per day. This system empowered APHIS to manage logistics across a massive footprint: underutilized resources could now be identified and shuffled to farms in need. Finally, the pinpoint accurate reporting generated by the rigorous registration and check-in process helped APHIS to rectify incorrect billings across the life of the project, directly benefiting taxpayers to the tune of over $100 million USD.


  • Truly tailored to your needs
  • Rapidly adaptable
  • Easy to use
  • Report on data any way you can imagine
  • Cradle-to-grave process tracking
  • Integrable into many 3rd party systems

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