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What is CarbonCM?

At CTEH, we understand that a clear and transparent process is necessary to effectively implement and carry out projects during a crisis. We have brought together years of management expertise with real-time software development capabilities to create a robust and user-friendly construction and process management solution: CarbonCM.

CarbonCM is a web-based platform that provides tools to streamline the management of work orders, change orders, and invoicing while avoiding the negatives associated with those tasks. This platform has been proven to resolve the problems historically associated with complex disaster recovery projects, and aid in the management of recovery.


  • Work Order Management
  • Task & Progress Tracking
  • Change Order Management
  • Final Inspection Integration
  • Multi-Level Invoicing
  • Program Data Visibility
  • Multi-Tiered Intelligence

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Task & Progress Tracking

Field crews equipped with mobile devices track task completion in real-time with photo documentation. Tasks are sure to stay in sync with program-recognized assignments, program-approved change orders, and the program-recognized final inspection results.

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carbon invoicing

Multi-Level Invoicing

Integrated multi-level invoices establish all CarbonCM® subcontractor invoices are restricted to work orders recognized as complete by the program, match program-recognized construction tasks, are in sync with program-recognized change orders, and match the exact subcontractor negotiated rates.

Change Order Management

Program management integrated change orders support program standards compliance. Any authorized user can create a change order using any computer or mobile device. Once a digital change order is created, program & construction management is notified. This process significantly reduces the amount of time required to complete and approve standard paperwork.

carbon change order

Final Inspection Integration

Final inspection coordination and any subsequent follow-up are seamlessly handled. Once a work order is complete, it can be submitted for final inspection with a single click.

Work Order Management

Work orders from the program level flow automatically into the construction management system, providing the ability to allocate & balance work to subs intelligently.

Program Data Visibility

CarbonCM brings data to the forefront and provides it in real-time. From work orders to progress tracking to invoices, teams using the platform has transparent data access to inform critical decisions.

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