Aerial Imagery

Using Aerial Imagery Tools to Better Inform Key Decisions

Modern technology offers more options in emergency response and disaster relief than ever before. From speed to efficiency, the capabilities of aerial imagery are astounding. At CTEH, we’re utilizing aerial imagery technology and our expertise in data visualization to provide increased and informative situational awareness during both crises and planned events.

In more cases than not, situations arise during emergency responses where it is too dangerous for people to traverse terrain to survey potential damage. Through aerial imagery via remote drones, we can rapidly collect and disseminate information among members of Incident Command. This aids overall transparency, as well as hazard identification, progress tracking, auditing, and site documentation.

Physical access to a site can often be limited by many factors. Aerial imagery gives stakeholders the opportunity to be situationally aware without being in danger and using additional manpower.

The visual and statistical advantages of using 3D modeling during emergency response are tremendous.

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