Medical Surveillance (Onsite and Custom)

An Innovative Approach to Pulmonary Function Testing

Whether scheduled monitoring or during an emergency response, CTEH can provide medical physicians, registered nurses and certified occupational and environmental health nurses to provide onsite medical surveillance. This can be due to long-term exposure concerns and compliance or natural disaster quick first aid resources.

Our occupational health team utilizes cutting-edge technology and the services of experienced health professionals to provide clients with effective respiratory testing in the workplace, thereby reducing the amount of time an employee is away from the job, alleviating inconvenience, and increasing evaluation accuracy.

The MORE Program attempts to address the increasing demands of work-related health issues. Spirometry is performed to evaluate work-related respiratory complaints, such as asthma and Reactive Airway Dysfunction Syndrome. In circumstances where the precipitating agent is known or suspected, real-time and laboratory air monitoring can be performed to correlate with spirometry results. Observations of ongoing work activities potentially associated with respiratory complaints and spirometry changes can also be provided by a CTEH certified industrial hygienist.

Advantages in using the MORE program include but are not limited to:

  • NIOSH-trained nurses directly on-site
  • Multiple spirograms taken during various job functions
  • More objective data collected leading to more accurate results and reliable conclusions on whether or not problems are workplace-related
  • Data can be reviewed by CTEH occupational medicine physicians
  • Real-time air monitoring and work activity observations can be conducted at the time of spirometry by an industrial hygienist
  • One fee covers multiple tests

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