We get it. We hate lines too.

We hate inefficiency, and nothing screams inefficiency more than lines. 

When your attendees go to an event, they want to be delighted by the experience without it being tainted by constant reminders of the pandemic. We also understand how challenging it is for you to put on an event before COVID, let alone adding health and safety considerations on top of your job. When not done correctly, implementing pandemic protocols can create logistical nightmares including increased event space, labor, crowd control, and an unnecessary complexity to credentialing. Plus, you shouldn’t have to deal with the challenges of positive cases, contact tracing, or quarantining. 

At CTEH, we believe in helping people through the power of an incredible user experience. We also know what it means to manage health and safety concerns because we’ve been in the emergency response business for more than two decades. 

That’s why we created a solution with UX at the forefront to help solve the challenges of COVID-19 during events. We want to bring everyone back together safely without the drama of having nurses and doctors onsite, uncomfortable testing rooms, and long queues. 

Allow us to introduce our live events team.

We take the burden of dealing with COVID headaches off you so you can focus on your event. Our pandemic experience with dozens of the world’s most visible live events has taught us how to be flexible, rapid, and assertive when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 issues so that the impact to the attendees is as minimal as possible. 

We do that by encouraging our clients to utilize self-administered testing options and/or attendee-supplied testing that eliminates the need to have nurses and specimen collectors onsite, increased footprints, and the logistical and financial challenges that accompany onsite testing. 

And forget paper; CTEH’s solution is the opposite of manual. CarbonCM, our web-based platform, allows users to quickly and easily 

  • submit proof of vaccination,
  • proof of negative test results, and/or 
  • daily wellness checks

with customizable communication plans and health and safety processes to marry your event vibe and organization’s risk level preferences.


CarbonCM has passed audits from both the private and government sectors and rivals military security levels. We also only store data as long as the event requires, and we take ample efforts to protect user data. We also don’t expose user data to any entities other than what is critically essential for the event.


Our no-nonsense API allows us to integrate with all credentialing and ticketing or event planning software we’ve encountered to date.

Mobile Solution

It’s in their hands. Our solution allows the attendee to upload their required documentation for the event from the comfort of their home or hotel room, minimizing the impact to their experience onsite at the event.

Contact Tracing and Positive Case Response

Everyone is tired of COVID, but when you have a positive case it can be a big deal for your event. Our health scientists are trained in positive case response and stand up a hotline, handle contact tracing, and develop tailored FAQs.

Vaccination and Test Verification

Verified QR codes upon approval of requirements for easy entry:

  • Rapid Testing Solutions
  • Daily Wellness Program
  • Flexible Plans
  • Speed

When there aren’t enough hours in the day, speed matters. Our approach to COVID onsite is fast and our team is allergic to queues.

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