Government Services

Supplementing government recovery efforts at all levels

When it comes to natural disaster preparation and recovery, government organizations bear heavy burdens at every level. The CTEH team excels at creating response plans for city, state, and federal government entities, as well as at managing complex response events with unmatched experience, transparency, and efficiency.

We are a turnkey provider of disaster recovery management services for government organizations with a strong history of successfully managing recovery projects impacting both small and large communities, as a result of our scalable solutions. Our team is capable of leading, or rapidly integrating with, government teams to minimize the impact of natural or man-made disasters and recover from them swiftly and effectively.

Creating Technology that Empowers Recovery

We have made significant investments in technology and have developed advanced digital tools to solve complex problems that have historically slowed down government disaster recovery efforts. Our technology has enabled local, state, and federal agencies to respond to and manage the most involved, large-scale projects with a degree of speed and efficiency not previously possible.

In practice, our team has been able to deliver software solutions, integrate them rapidly to solve process problems, and manage large networks of trusted contractors to successfully execute recovery projects. When applied to government disaster recovery projects, this translates to more lives being saved and communities being restored more quickly.

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