Applied Public Health

Helping hands for public health

When you need a little extra expert help, CTEH is there.

Public health information, strategies, and requirements change every day. Following a global pandemic, public health agencies and nonprofits are spread thin making meeting the needs of their communities a challenge. Combined with a highly competitive job market, some groups may go understaffed for long periods of time.

Staff Augmentation

CTEH brings an emergency response culture to your day to day staffing needs. Whether you need an epidemiologist to assess the buildout of your latest public health study or health scientists to review cases and prepare briefs, our deep bench and logistics support can have the resources you need on-site within hours or on the phone within moments.

Public health projects often receive time-limited funding, which costs your agency greatly to staff and execute. CTEH can help take the pressure off by hiring and managing contract experts and base-level staff on your behalf to execute these special projects.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

CTEH has a wide network of resources available to prepare for, execute, analyze, and report on projects of any type or size. We pride ourselves on our breadth and depth of scientific expertise. The CTEH network of scientists and experts can help with:

  • Data capture, management, and analysis
  • Health and risk communications
  • Day to day public health activities
  • Public health surveillance & field epidemiology (cluster investigation, testing, etc.)
  • Interpretation of regulatory or science changes
  • Developing public health policy
  • Environmental & Community health assessments
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Experience with designing questions and analyzing BRFSS, YRBS, PRAMS, NHANES, NSDUH

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