Exposure Assessment

Characterizing and Quantifying Human Exposures

The toxicologists and Certified Industrial Hygienists at CTEH are experts at both measuring and modeling approaches to exposure assessment. Whether conducting assessments as part of the risk assessment process, evaluating a worker’s historical exposure, or characterizing an individual’s potential chemical exposure in the field, our team has the experience and the instrumentation necessary to rapidly deliver the information needed for effective decision making in many industrial and non-industrial settings.

Exposure simulations are a unique strength of CTEH. We have the in-depth experience and field knowledge to be able to recreate events to characterize a historical exposure. This provides our clients unparalleled clarity of results and peace of mind.

In today’s rapidly expanding chemical marketplace, many chemicals are in use that do not have established worker or community exposure limits or guidelines. Our team of toxicologists has the ability to rapidly derive exposure values using a  well-defined scientific approach to better evaluate the health and safety of the workplace or community. 

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